Use Music to Motivate Your Writing

I like music. Okay, I love music. Almost as much as I love TV. And I frequently use music to set a mood while I am writing. I have playlists set up for my characters so that I can set myself into their frame of mind when I am trying to dig deep into their motivations. And I have playlists of tunes that motivate me to keep writing when I am working on nonfiction (aka the stuff that pays the bills).

I decided to share a few options for you today to help you move beyond any mental blocks you have and achieve the writing success you desire.


Whether we like to admit it or not, we writers are a fearful bunch. Sometimes we are afraid that we will be abject failures, getting laughed out of the room when we submit our writing to editors. But other times, we are actually afraid of success. We have no idea what we will do if some editors actually buys our pitch and assigns us an article. This song by Liz Phair captures that set of conflicting fears that can paralyze us.

If you find the live lyrics hard to understand, here is another recording.

Lack of Self-Worth

Often, we writers don’t believe we deserve to be successful. When you are feeling down on yourself, listen to this song.

Lack of Time and Energy

What about when you just can’t get into it. Take a minute to listen to these songs. Dance around and get your blood flowing. (I dare you to keep even your toe from tapping when either song is playing.) Then come back to your writing and see what you can do.

What music do you use to keep your words flowing?

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