I Hate the Middle

Not the sitcom. That’s a fine show that addresses the issues facing working class families.

What I hate is the middle of my stories. I came up with two very dysfunctional workarounds to get through them over the years.

I skip them. Or I get so bogged down in the saggy ones that I give up on the whole thing. Neither of these strategies effectively getting me to a finished draft of a good story.

Today I’m revising my contemporary short story. What’s it need? A better middle. The beginning is good, and the end has a nice HFN. But with a missing middle, it doesn’t really flow and make sense that the couple in question would get back together.

I’ve figured out what would bridge these two story sections and make this short story flow. So I’ll be writing that scene and making any changes necessary to make it fit so I can submit the story, per the goal I set for myself at the March Rose City Romance Writers meeting. (And how glad am I that this is a short story, so one scene will fix it?)

How do you make it through the middle? I’d love to hear your strategies in the comments.

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