I can’t wait for the Stumptown TV show

Sometimes, I see something on TV that looks like it was made just for me. The Stumptown TV show is one of them.

It’s set in Portland.

It’s based on a series written by Greg Rucka, who I interviewed for my Pacific Northwest Writers book.

It stars Cobie Smulders, who I loved as Robin on How I Met Your Mother, even though I am still hurting from that series finale.

And the trailers look so fun — and feature great 80s music. Seriously, even snippets of Blondie, Joan Jett, and Pat Benatar make my day. The only thing that would be better would be Quarterflash. If I hear “Harden My Heart” on one of the ads for the show, I will let out a high-pitched squeal and clap my hands. (This is the move that made my husband give me serious side-eye when Pepper said, “I believe in peace, bitch” in the finale of Good Omens. He’s not as well-versed in Tori Amos lyrics as I am — or as excited when he hears them.)

If you’ve missed the Stumptown advertising, here are the trailers.

In the run-up to the premiere, I’ll be reading the graphic novels and posting my thoughts here on the blog.


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