Essential Christmas Gifts for Writers

Here are some classic and timely gifts for the writers in your life (or for you).

On Writing by Stephen King
An oldie, but a goodie. King weaves writing advice with his life story to create an enjoyable biography and a great resource for writers who want to find their voice and prefect their craft.

The Writer’s Workout by Christina Katz
This book just came out on Kindle, and the print copies will be shipping shortly. Katz provides a day-by-day guide to growing a stronger and more lucrative writing career in one year. Using the metaphor of a workout coach, she guides you like a personal trainer for your writing career. The book balances exercises on craft and marketing so that you are working simultaneously on both.

The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman
Another oldie on the list, this book provides valuable insight into building a good-paying career as a freelance business writer. Because most freelancers balance their publication writing with business writing, this is a good resource for every writer, not just those who are ready to start building a book of business clients.

Moleskine Notebooks
These are some of the most luxurious and versatile sketch books and journals, and all of the different sizes and colors make them a good fit for most tastes.

Sure, there are tons of tablets on the market, but the iPad has the most apps and the form factor that a lot of people love. I like this instead of all of the dedicated e-readers on the market because it has apps for all of the major ebook stores as well as just about anything else you like to do.

Levenger pens
A lot of book authors like to use these for their autograph signings because they have fun designs, smooth writing, and quick-drying ink. If the writer in your life might need to plan for his or her big book signing extravaganza, make it special with one of these pens.

What are the best writing-related gifts you have ever given? Received?

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