Dusting off the old keyboard

It’s spring (finally!), and for whatever reason, spring is the time I want to get working.

So at the last meeting of the Rose City Romance Writers, I bought into the goal pot and set this goal for myself:

Revise short story and submit to three different publications.

Since the meeting, I’ve identified the three publications, and I’ve set aside some time this weekend to work on the revisions. That should set me up to finish revisions and prep things for submission next week.

(We’re not meeting until April 8, but next weekend is the Spring Fling, so that will take some of my time and energy that weekend.)

I know some people suggest setting relatively vague goals so you can be more sure of achieving them, but specific and measurable goals are what works for me. If it’s not specific, I just won’t do it.

What are your spring goals?

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